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What is the coinbase Cardholder Agreement?

The Coinbase Cardholder Agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions associated with using the Coinbase Card. It serves as an agreement between the cardholder and Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Key Features and Benefits of the Coinbase Card

  • Instant Conversion: With the Coinbase Card, users can instantly convert their cryptocurrency holdings into fiat currency for payment at any merchant that accepts Visa.
  • Accepted Globally: The Coinbase Card is accepted worldwide, allowing users to make payments wherever Visa is accepted.
  • Real-time Spending Notifications: Users receive instant notifications on their mobile devices for every transaction made with the Coinbase Card, ensuring security and transparency.
  • Fee Structure: The Coinbase Card comes with its own fee structure, which includes charges for foreign transactions, ATM withdrawals, and card replacement.
  • Rewards Program: Coinbase offers a rewards program for Coinbase Cardholders, providing incentives for using the card for purchases.

Understanding the Terms and Conditions

It is important for cardholders to review and understand the Coinbase Cardholder Agreement before using the card. Some key points to consider include:

  • Card Activation: The agreement specifies the steps to activate the card, which usually involves linking it to a verified Coinbase account.
  • Usage Limits: The cardholder agreement outlines the spending limits for the Coinbase Card, including daily transaction limits and maximum account balance.
  • Cryptocurrency Conversion: The agreement explains the process of converting cryptocurrency into fiat currency and how exchange rates are determined.
  • Card Security: The agreement provides guidelines for safeguarding the card, such as not sharing PINs or keeping the card and PIN together.
  • Liability for Unauthorized Transactions: The agreement states the cardholder’s responsibilities in case of unauthorized transactions and the steps to take to report and resolve such incidents.

Fees and Charges

  • Foreign Transaction Fees: When using the Coinbase Card outside the card’s home country, a foreign transaction fee may apply.
  • ATM Withdrawal Fees: The agreement specifies the charges associated with ATM withdrawals, which may vary depending on the location and currency.
  • Card Replacement Fees: If the Coinbase Card is lost, stolen, or damaged, the agreement states the fees for replacing the card.
  • Other Charges: The agreement may include additional charges for certain actions or services, such as account inactivity fees or customer support fees.

Contacting Coinbase for Support

If there are any questions, concerns, or issues related to the Coinbase Cardholder Agreement, cardholders can contact Coinbase support through their website or mobile app. Coinbase provides dedicated customer support to address any queries promptly.

In conclusion, understanding the Coinbase Cardholder Agreement is crucial for users who hold and use the Coinbase Card. Familiarizing oneself with the agreement’s terms and conditions, fees, and support options ensures a smooth experience and helps avoid any unexpected surprises when using the card for crypto-related transactions.


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